Investing in the digital world, made simple.

Hedge Coin Capital is not your typical hedge fund. We are a value-added integrator that brings together proven technologies and established financial services, along with strategies to produce results that can only be imagined.

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A message from the Founders

What is the token used for?

By purchasing in the ICO, investors will be allocated their HCL tokens of which there are two options:

1. Hold the HCL Token within the Hedge Coin Capital platform and receive dividends based on the performance of the performance manager.

2. Transferring the HCL Token into the Hedge Fund as investments into digital currencies and other blockchain assets.

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Our Vision

Hedge Coin Capital’s ultimate goal is to implement our innovative solutions and strategies on a global scale to help clients reduce risk and maximise returns. Through effective global and financial diversification across different crypto assets and investment strategies we help our users receive exceptional returns in their portfolio.  The platform allows investors the choice between different funds with different risk categories to achieve their desired range of performance returns. Our HCL token represents the core of this investment ecosystem as shown below.  Owners of the coin will have the option to hold the coin and receive dividends or to invest the coins into one of our funds.

What we offer



Hedge Coin Capital is the first open, inclusive, global effort dedicated to the creation of a diversified approach which simplifies the interaction of investors and blockchain-based assets, without sacrificing the main advantages of these technologies. The HCC ecosystem will provide an easy, consistent and safe user experience, focused around a simple and diversified way to invest in blockchain-based digital assets.



When the team behind HCC started imagining the future, it was clear to us from the beginning what we could offer to the market: the same security, privacy, functionalities, and simplicity that blockchain provides but with the addition of diversification of assets, the minimising of risks and maximising of returns.



The risk of financial loss arising from cybersecurity threats is minimised because of the diversification of assets across multiple systems and locations: the user will always know their funds are fully secure. For example, we may have our day traders in New York operating with derivatives of bitcoin, we may have our trading bot operating 24/7 in California, and we may have our research team supporting our advisers to build the overall portfolio, held offline in cold storage in Australia, and we may have ICO coins stored on hard wallets.

How to contribute?


The portfolio performance benchmark will range between 50%pa – 500%pa, net of fees, depending on which of the 3 sub funds are chosen as an investment. These 3 sub funds will have alternative redemption facilities and dividend payments timeframes, depending on the risk category selected.

The Process

Smartphone app coming soon

HCC will be launching a smartphone app in late 2018 for all investors to manage their portfolio. Investors will have total transparency when it comes to their portfolio; including their total fund value and the tokens held as well as related services at a touch of a fingertip.


Hedge Coin Capital’s Journey

Let’s achieve great things together on the road to make our ICO successful

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70,000,000 tokens remaining

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity. ICO conclusion date is June 3rd 2018.


We will launch a variety of products and services for investors after our ICO launches which will benefit your long term knowledge in your cryptocurrency journey.

Prepaid Credit Card

Hedge Coin Capital will launch a prepaid credit card in late 2018 to allow investors to spend their crypto wealth in the real world.

Financial Independence

By investing with Hedge Coin Capital, we will manage your investment portfolio to give you financial independence using cryptocurrencies

No Experience Needed

You don’t need any knowledge in cryptocurrencies or investments to invest through us. Our team of experts will invest on your behalf to build your long-term wealth.


Unlike conventional hedge funds, you know exactly what is going on. We will be clear with our strategy and performance, and you will be updated constantly on how your investment in performing


By spreading across a variety of digital assets, the risk will be reduced and returns maximised. This is the fundamental theory behind any good investment strategy.

Fund Options

ALPHA FUND – Conservative Strategy

Recommended timeline: 3 mths
Target Range: 50% – 100% p.a.*
Risk Profile: Low Risk
Liquidity: Weekly Redemption

BETA FUND – Balanced Strategy

Recommended timeline: 6 mths
Target Range: 100% – 300% p.a.*
Risk Profile: Medium Risk
Liquidity: Monthly Redemption

OMEGA FUND – High Growth Strategy

Recommended timeline: 12 mths
Target Range: 300% – 700% p.a.*
Risk Profile: High Risk
Liquidity: Quarterly Redemption

*Net of Fees

How does investing the HCL Token in the fund lower your risk and increase your returns?

1. HCL tokens are used to purchase units in the fund selected, which is managed by Hedge Coin Capital Ltd to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio.
2. Hedge Funds and Index Funds specialising in cryptocurrencies will be invested into by HCC to spread the risk and reduce volatility to the portfolios
3. Trading Bots will be used to operate 24/7 in different exchanges to generate high yields for the portfolio
4. A percentage of money generated by all the profits is placed into low risk crypto investments as well as cash to reduce volatility and keep funds available for buying opportunities when the market corrects.
5. A percentage of money is placed in high growth, blockchain-related investments to fuel the exponential growth of the portfolio during different market stages.
6. Derivatives Trading will be used by our trading team in day trading Bitcoin in both long and short positions, which will provide consistent yields for the portfolio.
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